Jiffy Lube Coupons for May 2014

Spring is finally here, at least in most parts of the country, which means that it’s time to do all those spring-related chores that you put off through our cold winter!

If you are worried about the bills piling up, check out these coupons for Jiffy Lube. By using them, you can save some cash while still getting some badly-needed  maintenance done on your vehicle.

Here are the Jiffy Lube coupons for the month of May 2014:


Jiffy Lube Tire Rotation coupon 2014

Need your tires rotated? This coupon gets you $5 off the service.

Jiffy Lube coupons 2014

Jiffy Lube is known for its oil changes, so you might as well put your car in the hands of the experts! Get $9.25 off a Signature Service Oil Change with this coupon.

Jiffy Lube $10 off coupon 2014

If you need more than an oil change, check out this coupon, which is good for $10 off one of three different automobile services, including fuel filter replacement, serpentine belt replacement, transfer case service.

Jiffy Lube transmission coupon 2014

This coupon is good for $10 off additional services, such as AC servicing, manual transmission service, automatic transmission fluid service and an engine flush.

Just be sure to check out the expiration date on these coupons. . .you’ll want to make sure that you get your automobile into your local Jiffy Lube while the coupon or coupons are still good. Also, clarify policies regarding using multiple coupons at the same time. Some places will let you do this, others won’t.

Finally, double check the Jiffy Lube website to see if there are other promotions or deals going on, so you can save the most on services for your car.

Jiffy Lube Transmission Coupons

With winter weather all around us it is more important than ever that our cars run at their absolute best.  That means completing the regularly scheduled maintenance on time (or as close as we can manage, let’s face it, we’re all busy).  Barely a month away from the holidays and with the extra costs that winter brings we are all looking to save a buck any where we can.  Car maintenance costs are no exception.

The transmission is what allows power to be sent from the engine to the drive mechanism.  Without it we would be driving with very little control of the vehicle.  I don’t know about you, but I like to be in control of my car when I drive it.  Clearly completing our transmission services in a timely manner is important.

Jiffy Lube offers 5 different service options for your transmission service packages with varying prices.  There are four options for the automatic vehicles and one for the Manual Transmission.

If you drive an automatic you can get an Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange which simple involves getting rid of the old transmission fluid and putting in the new stuff.

The Automatic Transmission Drain and Fill involves a three step process to removing the old Transmission Fluid and adding the new. These two options are similar and will improve the life of the transmission by improving lubrication.

You can purchase one of the aforementioned options and at a later date have the Automatic Transmission Filter Replaced which will prevent premature wear through ensuring optimal transmission fluid cleanliness. Or you can combine them and purchase the Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange and Filter Replacement package.  Prices vary depending on the make and model of your car as well as what state you live in.  They can range between $35 and $150 depending on how much you are having done.

Use Jiffy Lube transmission coupons to get a better deal

If you’re like me though, anywhere I can find savings I’m going to.  Jiffy Lube Transmission coupons will help in my cost saving mission.  One great place to find Jiffy Lube Transmission coupons is Jiffy Lube Coupons 2014.  At Jiffy Lube Coupons 2014 there are coupons that are good until the end of the year. One of these coupons offers $10.00 off of select services including a Manual Transmission service.  Because these coupons don’t expire until the end of the year you can go back to the website and print off a new one (even of a coupon that you have already used) any time you need another service listed on the coupon.  If you forget to print it out, just go to the website on your smart phone and give the Jiffy Lube service representative the coupon code listed on the bottom.  Great savings made easy.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

Jiffy Lube Oil Change Coupons

It’s the winter season and my cars always seem to need the most care when it’s cold.  Between a full set of new tires, more regular fill ups at the pump (fuel economy dips in the cold), and added miles from all that holiday travelling, my wallet is feeling a little light.  No matter how my wallet feels, my cars telling me it’s time to change that oil and I better comply if I want to keep my car in tip top shape.

At Jiffy Lube your oil change cost covers a lot.  A Jiffy Lube technician will change up to 5 quarts of oil and your oil filter.  Inspect your serpentine belts, wiper blades, brake fluid levels, antifreeze/coolant reservoir levels, engine air filtration system, exterior lights, and chassis.  When needed they’ll fill your tires, transmission fluid, differential fluid, transfer case fluid, windshield washer fluid, power steering fluid, and battery water.  They’ll even clean your exterior windows and vacuum the floors and all of this they’ll do in a jiff for a reasonable price.  They’re service covers a lot, gets you in and out quickly, and the customer service is excellent.

Getting a better value with Jiffy Lube oil change coupons

While all of the perks of a Jiffy Lube oil change are great, if you’re like me, you want to know that you are getting the best deal.  Let’s face it; all of our wallets could use a little help.  This is where our site can help you out.  When you visit Jiffy Lube Coupons you get access to a number of jiffy lube coupons for services ranging from a Manual Transmission service or an A/C Evacuation Recharge to Tire Rotation Service or a Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change.

If savings on a Jiffy Lube Oil Change are what you seek, then the $9.25 off Jiffy Lube Oil Change coupon available here will help you out.  This coupon is good all year so come on back anytime you need another oil change coupon.  With at least 4 regular oil changes a year, that’s a savings of $37.00 per car.  For our family who needs an oil change in both cars every 6 weeks, the savings quadruples to $148.  Oh what I could do with an extra $148.  The best part is, if you forget to print out the coupon, you can just pull up our site on your smart phone and your Jiffy Lube service technician will use the Coupon Code printed on the coupon to give you your savings.

Jiffy Lube Mobile Coupons

With winter weather hammering us at the beginning of the year, it is more important than ever for our cars to be running at their best.  I don’t know about you but this time of year leaves my budget stretched a little thin between the slow economy, the holidays and the added expenses that come along with winter weather.  The thought of tacking car maintenance on top of it is a little terrifying.  With the coupons that you find at our site though, you can breathe a little easier when it comes to your car.

There’s just one problem, I’m constantly on the go between work, the kids, and travelling to see the in-laws.  My busy schedule leaves little time for searching, downloading and printing coupons but I could really use the extra $5, $10 or more that I can save per car maintenance appointment. I’m sure all you busy parents out there can relate. There’s gotta be a way for us to save money even with our hectic schedules.

Great news, there is.  Now even the most hectic schedule won’t prevent you from getting those savings.

Introducing Jiffy Lube Mobile Coupons

Jiffy Lube has expanded their digital footprint and gone mobile.  Do you have a smart phone, an I-pad, a netbook, or even a regular cell phone or desktop computer? If you have any of these then there is an option for you.

Jiffy Lube has recently added a coupon code to the bottom right hand corner of every coupon.  If you remember Jiffy Lube Coupons 2014 (or bookmark the page on your smart phone) then you can simply open the link on your phone and give the coupon code to your sales associate.  This option is available for those who carry their internet capable netbooks or I-Pads with them as well.

Found Jiffy Lube coupons at other sites? Turn them into Jiffy Lube Mobile coupons by clicking on the link, typing your cell phone number into the box labeled mobile number, and clicking the text coupon button.  The coupon code will be sent right to your phone.  No need for paper that you can lose.

If you don’t have time to search and live in Southern California Jiffy Lube has got you covered with two Jiffy Lube mobile coupon options.  The first step is to choose whether you prefer email notifications or text notifications.  For email notifications, go to the Jiffy Lube website and enter your zip code and email address.  You’ll receive e-offers that apply to your nearest location which can be accessed from your computer or an email capable cell phone.  For those who’d rather save on data, text socal to 343434 and receive weekly text offers.

March 2014 Jiffy Lube Coupons

March can be a rough month for car owners in a big part of the country: It’s starting to warm up, but in a lot of places it’s still really cold outside! Plus, spring is coming up soon, so it’s important to make sure that your car is in great shape before you start driving more. The trouble, is, of course, affording all those tune-ups and procedures, particularly when you’re also trying to afford gas and recover from holiday spending. Still, you can’t overlook maintenance: Without it, your car may be dangerous to drive and you risk getting stranded in the cold and snow.

To help you out, we’ve found some great coupons that should save you money at Jiffy Lube this year. From transmissions to tire rotation, these coupons can save you a lot of money on necessary vehicle maintenance:

$10 Off Jiffy Lube Coupons

Jiffy Lube transmission coupon 2014

This coupon can save you ten bucks on your choice of one service from a list of four: A/C Evacuation and Recharge, Manual Transmission Service, Automatic Transmission Fluid Services, and Engine Flush.

Jiffy Lube $10 off coupon 2014

Here’s another $10 coupon. This one can be used for a Fuel Filter Replacement Service, Serpentine Belt Replacement and Transfer Case Service.

$5.00 Off Jiffy Lube Coupon

Jiffy Lube Tire Rotation coupon 2014

This is a $5.00 off coupon for Tire Rotation Service.

$9.25 Jiffy Lube Coupon

Jiffy Lube coupons 2014

If you want the famous Jiffy Lube Signature Oil Change service, here is a coupon for $9.25 off.

Tips When Using Your Jiffy Lube Coupons

Here are some tips for saving money at Jiffy Lube:

  • Check your car’s manual for advice on how often you should change your oil. Your car may also have a feature that alerts you to when it’s time for an oil change service.
  • Don’t automatically agree to extra services at the time of your Jiffy Lube visit. If you don’t agree with what the store employee recommends, get a second opinion.
  • Some stores may refuse to accept multiple coupons for different services performed at the same time. To avoid hassle, ask the manager if he or she is willing to ring up your services separately so that you can use multiple coupons.
  • Check out your local Jiffy Lube store’s social media pages and website. They may offer additional coupons that can save you a lot of money. Local newspapers, and their websites, may also features special coupons with huge savings on Jiffy Lube services, so keep your eyes open.
  • Try to map out a schedule of needed can maintenance services for the entire year. While surprises can happen, planning in advance for automotive services can help you to budget more efficiently.